Dear Aspirants and IMS Law College students,

I hope that the summer has provided you with many opportunities for reflection and relaxation—and that, like me, you are eager to begin a new academic year together.

IMS Law College is the time-tested legal institution par excellence. It is the hub of legal studies. Since its inception, the college has been a leader producing many judges, legal luminaries for Supreme Court of India and various High Courts, leading advocates, policy makers and trend-setters in all walks of life.

The department is endowed with elitist alumni. With the unparalleled expertise of faculty members, multicultural environment and its seat at the heart of national capital region, the department attracts brilliant students from all over the country. The department has renowned faculty members and Professors with rich teaching experience and a rich students strength including LL.B, B.A LLB and B.Com LLB. Students and functions within the allocated resources. The department is in the constant process of improving its infrastructure with state of the art facilities like the MOOT COURT Rooms and giving access to students to learn through virtual sessions and digilects.

The new academic year is a chance for all of us to commit ourselves to creating a community that welcomes and embraces people from across the nation and around the world, people whose distinctive voices and varied experiences are essential to our common endeavour. It nurtures our teaching and our research—it also evokes our identity as a human community and our obligation to the society we serve. We must seek truth and share truth. We must never lose sight of our ability to captivate and convince, to provide knowledge that is rich and vivid—knowledge that is capable of changing minds as well as hearts.

IMS Law College is, indeed, no island. We must devote ourselves to the work of illuminating the world through word and deed, and we must continue to affirm and safeguard the values that underlie the finest traditions of this extraordinary nation, especially in turbulent times.

At IMS Law College teaching is socially relevant, technically advanced and concentrates on newer remunerative branches such as IPRs, insurance, negotiations, information technology and laws relating to wealth generation, finances including taxation which shall be touchstone of future. The faculties in the department have been pioneers in developing new fields of law like Intellectual Property, Environmental law, Human Rights education, Gender sensitivity; uplifting women and poverty alleviation for the whole country. The faculties have successfully contributed by way of legislative interventions impacting the lives in fighting dowry deaths, promoting secularism, ushering rule of law for benefit of females and children and fighting against feudalism and oligarchies. The senior faculty members have a long standing tradition of contributing prestigious books and literature in their fields of specialization We believe that learning does not end in the class rooms; windows have to be kept wide open to invite different perspectives and expertise from diverse sources and practitioners. National and International Seminars, Conferences and Workshops are organized regularly at the department level and in three Centres to share and deliberate upon legal issues and new ideas. Moot Court competitions, debates, group discussions, client counselling competitions are regular features. Our aim is to equip students to participate in providing good governance in democratic tradition and outshine the competition in all aspects of life. I am confident that about 30% of our students outclass the best in comparison to students at high per capita expenditure national law schools. Our strength lies in the tradition of committed teaching and keenness of our students.

I hope you will take up that important work of learning and implementing with me in the coming months. In the meantime, to our new students, welcome, and to the rest of you, welcome back—and Let’s excel.

Dr Kulneet Suri
Senior Director – IMS Law College