Library is a pre -requisite for education for sustainable development at al evels of education A good library with an educator makes sure that the students are motivated towards earning. For a aw student, it is a great source for legal education It is a known fact that the library helps collaborative research amongst industry, government and educational communities in the society and contributes life ong learning opportunities to students. From the orientation program till the ful -term of a student, the library and its facilities are a constant knowledge reservoir for them and its usage is effectively cultured at MS Law College, Noida. The library has High Courts and online journals for reference purpose by facu ty members and students.

It is also enriched with the referred research journals such as A1 India Reporter (AIR), Allahabad Law Journal (AL J), Criminal Law Journal (CLJ), Consumer Protection Judgment (CPJ), Company Cases, AIR Supreme Court Supplements, ndian Bar Review (IBR), to name a few for providing insights for carrying out research-oriented activities.