IMS Law College has vibrant and active mooting culture therefore it believes that mooting is an essential activity for every law students. Mooting offers students the opportunities to undertake dedicated and meticulous research, practice their court craft, and also gain a first hand experience of dispute settlement process. As a part of academic exercise, students are prepared with the help of faculty members to participate in National as well as International level Moot Court Competitions. This is done with a view to give global exposure to the students to accord their talent, proves to be a great exercise to help gain perspective, know how to become industry relevant and future ready.

In order to become a successful lawyer it is essential for a student to know how to apply the law and to have awareness of the rules and the etiquettes of the Court. Moot Court competitions are like the laboratories of law schools where theoretical knowledge is tested in real life situations. To achieve above stated object, the IMS Law College, Noida has been facilitating continuous training to the law students to participate in Moot Court competitions organized by various universities and law schools throughout the territory of India.


A moot court is an extracurricular activity at law schools in which students participates in simulated court proceedings, which usually involves drafting briefs (memorials) and participating in oral argument. It is method of learning law and legal skills that requires students to analyze and argue from both sides of hypothetical legal issues. It does not involve actual testimony by witnesses or presentation of evidence but is based solely on the application of law to fabricated legal issues.


Moot Court Committee of IMS, Noida entrusted with the responsibility of administering mooting activities and upholding the high standard of excellence in mooting. Mr.Sudhakaran and Mr. Inderjeet Santoshi, Faculty Member in Law working as a member of Moot Committee alongwith experience students of Law, under the supervision of Dr. Niti Sinha (HoD), IMS Law College. This committee organizes workshop on moot court, work as a mentor, help students in making their memorials and also conduct & organizes moot court competitions at regular interval of 15 days at college level.


The College has an impressive record of achievements in moot court activities. Some of these achievements are:

Sumaiya Nusheen and Rajat Kapoor, students of IV year B.A;LL.B, bagged first position in a National Moot Court Competition organized by Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi in the year of 2013.

Sumaiya Nusheen and Rajat Kapoor, again students of IV year B.A;LL.B, secured first place in a National Moot Court Competition organized by Shardha University, Greater Noida, in the year of 2013.


The IMS Law College has been organizing number of moot court competitions on at a regular interval of 15 days to test the mettle of the future lawyers of the country in the recent time. Recently, Inter College Moot Court Competition was organized at Moot Court Room, IMS, Noida. Large number of students of IMS Law College participated in the competition and they submitted their memorials, either side of plaintiff or defendant and argued their case accordingly. Moot court problem covered the subject of Indian Contract Act-I. More than 10 teams participated. Yamini Vats, Priyanka Tiwari (Mooters) and Prianka Ghildayal (Researcher) (B.A;LL.B VIII semester) emerged as winner of the Moot Court Competition. The competition was coordinated by Mr. Sudhakaran and Mr. Inderjeet Santoshi under the guidance of Dr. Niti Sinha (HOD, Law College).